OpticSharp 5.5 Inch Extra Large Ultra Bright LED Lighted Magnifying Glass


This is a wonderful magnifying glass with a light! Perfect for homeschooling, extra large, easy to examine leaves, rocks, bugs ….  This is also great to have handy for when I need to read the incredibly small print on medication bottles.



Tat Towels…I had no idea


While I don’t have any, my friends and some family members have Tattoos.  What a great idea, that if you spend the kind of money they cost, and you endure that pain, these Tat towels enhance the color and make them look their best. It’s a fantastic idea. There are 12 individual packs, soft, durable, unscented wipes per order and are 10 inches x 12 inches each. Even better – these are made here in the USA.


Premium Big Strictly Briks Magenta Baseplate Set – 12 Pack – (Big LEGO® DUPLO® Compatible)


Oh my goodness! This Mema is excited to get these! As a huge DIYer and upcycler, I’m getting to make a few lego/lego duplo tables for my Grandchildren. There are many colors to choose from, but this batch is my magenta baseplate colors. Each plate is about 7.5 inches x 3.75 inches x 1/2 an inch.  These baseplates are thick enough that the lego duplo blocks firmly stick so there is a stable base for construction.

If you don’t have kids or Grandkids to give these to, might I suggest saving some sort of side table from the dump, refinishing, then placing these babies on the flat surfaces…then sell away!  Does your pocket good, saves a piece from the trash, and gets your creative imagination flowing for someone else to enjoy!


3in1 Women Home Exercise Equipment by Sporty&Fit


While this Mema completely understands how important exercise is for her and her heart health/blood clot health, it is something that is so hard to ‘want’ to do….and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Besides that, my muscles and bones literally hurt everyday.  (Fibro is the worst).

This 3 in 1 set of home exercise equipment is MY answer. Seriously easy for this beginner. The set is a cool dark purple in color and includes a jump rope, 4 different levels of resistance bands, and 2 gliding discs.

Ok….no, I have NOT broken my butt on those gliding discs…. yet…lol, however the resistance bands are the best. I’m on the light and working my way to medium. I’m not expecting to get to heavy and ultra heavy resistance, but my hubby is and this means he can stretch out with me. Something great us older folk can do to stay limber.


The Right Fit Mens Colonial Ribbed Knee High Socks


Halloween is right around the corner and these socks came in handy for a multitude of costumes and just wearing!  My hubby wore them, with his Lederhosen.  My cousin wore them, he’s over 6 feet so these weren’t over the knee for him, for Octoberfest. I wore them with boots for a day out that was cold. All of these worked just fine.These would also make great socks for a baseball outfit.


Today’s Freebie


keep-calm-its-freebie-timeI just LOVE getting free things, especially if it’s regarding something I enjoy.  My plan is to give out a link for something free everyday. WHAT?? Everyday??  Yep. There are many out there, but it’s hard to know where to look.

Today’s Freebie –

I love to read…real book in hand better than a kindle or on my computer or phone, but I’ll do both. There happens to be a great freebie TODAY ONLY for a FREE, yep ZERO cost, Amazon Kindle eBook. No, you don’t have to have a kindle…I download mine to my Amazon Cloud and change it over to my cell, computer or kindle when I’m ready to read it.

This eBook is on Soap Making….something so many people are interested but frankly afraid to do. It’s actually very easy and this book makes it even easier. Simple to read, easy to understand and follow.  Homemade soap is much better for you than store bought, and the author goes through and explains why.  While she does switch back and forth from oz to grams, this does give us a head start on our own soap making skills.

How To Make Homemade Soap: 32 Easy DIY Homemade Soap Recipes for Home (Homemade Body Butter Recipes and Soap Book 1) Kindle Edition.  https://www.amazon.com/Soap-Making-Homemade-Recipes-Butter-ebook/dp/B00P87F1GS/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&linkCode=ll1&tag=publix-20&linkId=aaa17ee13a170c2192262774a8561a0c


Ella Scroll Sheer Jacquard Curtain Panel by EllingtonHome


Can you say, Instant Beautification??

Such a beautiful sheer Jacquard curtain panel with grommets. It is a single sheer jacquard pattern curtain panel, that measures about 54 inches by 84 inches.  Mine is a light teal…dark teal is my favorite color…which is a fun and vibrant. The metallic shine creates a texture against the solids of the other curtains and the room.

I wasn’t sure I’d like the grommets, but I do. This is so much easier to put on a curtain rod! They look like shiny silver metal, but are actually a completely lightweight plastic. The privacy comes from the scrolling of the Jacquard.  No worries about falling apart, this curtain is well made and nicely stitched together.

What makes this even better for this Mema, is I can just throw this into the washing machine if it gets dirty.  This is offered in a wide variety of fun and fabulous color selections.  What I may do instead is turn this one panel into a shower curtain accent. Definitely goes with the French theme I have in the bathroom.